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About Us

Owner, Mama, and the one who started it all. Also a Certified Cannabis Consultant, Spiritual Recovery Coach, MMJ Caregiver & Spiritual Herbalist.


Claudene has the biggest heart for seeing recovery, healing and a vibrant, glowing community. Using her many skills, she uses her storefront as a way to connect people and inspire others to achieve their true callings, and as a way to provide natural forms of medicine to those who, often times, desperately need it.

We want to help you in your path to wellness! If you have an issue with addiction, pain, depression or insomnia, there is a plant medicine here for you. We deal with every type of illness, injury, and ailment. Sign up for a personal consultation today and start your path to healing.

Meet The Team

Claudene -
Owner & Dosing Specialist


This is Our beautiful Team, walking beside our ever-growing community! We specialize in healing the Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul.  We experience, through Exploration of each other, safe beautiful settings given to us by the creator. Thanks for stopping by and Blessings to you! 

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Jayme - Nurse


Ariadne - Astrology / Human Design Analyst

Ann - Psycic


Ann is our psychic who provides Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Tarot Card Reading, and Coaching to individuals going through the Spiritual Awakening process. Ann's Spiritual knowledge & psychic abilities have been blessed with a powerful gift that allows her to peer beyond the veil to communicate with Spirit.  


Ann's Spiritual journey began in 2019, she began to audibly take notice of my spirit guides. Not understanding at all what was occurring, I entered into what is commonly known as the “Dark Night of the Soul”. While submerged in shadow my demons and I engaged in combat. This battle for light would force me to acknowledge, accept and forgive myself and others for past traumas. Embracing each trauma as a valuable life lesson and finding a spark of hope in even the most tragic of situations allowed me to release negative energies and heal my heart. This epic journey of enlightenment has led me to meditation, health, spirituality, and a life filled with abundance and gratitude. 


I have the ability to see and communicate with Angels, Spirits, and Ancestors. I connect with your Spirit Guides to provide specific messages for each of my clients. Allow me to channel spirit on your behalf and guide you towards the answers you seek. I recommend starting with a regular Psychic and Tarot Card Reading including Coaching and Guidance.

A Full Psychic Reading (30min) is $60 per person and an Extended Psychic Reading (1hour) is $100 per Person by Phone, Skype, or Zoom call.
​Please call me by phone or email, to discuss the details, to schedule a Reading, or anything else. 
My Coachings and Guidance Sessions are available by Phone throughout Australia
, Canada, the U.S,  and Worldwide by Skype-Call.
Contact Info:  Email:  Australia Telephone Number: 0431042575  or 

@Ann Kalman.

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