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Elevated by Claudene

We at Elevated by Claudene are registered caregivers for the ADHS medical marijuana program. This means we can be medical marijuana caregivers for anyone with a valid medical marijuana card in the state of Arizona. Additionally, we may expand our services to individuals with medical marijuana cards from out of state as long as said state also has an active medical marijuana program. If you are outside the U.S. & interested in our services, please contact us! If nothing else we can provide invaluable education and alternative services, it's what we do! There is no stopping progress!

What sets us apart is our ability to grow cannabis plants for our medical marijuana patients. We design handcrafted medical cannabis products tailored to individual bodies and specific needs! This includes not only THC but a range of plant based medicines including CBD, mushrooms, kratom, topicals, and pure select botanicals all designed to manage pain and maintain your overall health and wellness!

Got questions and concerns? Let's get personal. Contact us for a consultation or send us an email today!

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