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Plant Medicine by Claudene

Owner, Mama, and the one who started it all. Also a Certified Cannabis Consultant, Spiritual Recovery Coach, MMJ Caregiver & Spiritual Herbalist.


Claudene has the biggest heart for seeing recovery, healing and a vibrant, glowing community. Using her many skills, she uses her storefront as a way to connect people and inspire others to achieve their true callings, and as a way to provide natural forms of medicine to those who, often times, desperately need it.

We want to help you in your path to wellness! If you have an issue with addiction, pain, depression or insomnia, there is a plant medicine here for you. We deal with every type of illness, injury, and ailment. Sign up for a personal consultation today and start your path to healing.

Plant Medicine Consults with Claudene

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


IG : @elevatedbyclaudene

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