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And So the Journey Begins and is always in the making!

Blessings to all who have found this Space, we are pretty positive the Creator has sent You, a Beautiful Spirit! Let us see what beauty we can create together, with the Love we all Possess!


Current Community Oasis Projects

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Eco Living


Part of our Projects plan is to live a Zero Waste Life and Teach how easy it is to switch over to help Mother Earth get back to a better rhythm we all can harmonize with and understand. It is key we all understand our part in this beautiful World.

One way we are helping divert Waste in All forms is using the HomeBioGas unit. with a Process called  BIODIGESTION 

This is the process by which hungry bacteria break down organic waste, like food scraps and animal manure, producing biogas. Empty your organic waste into the digester and the bacteria will take care of the rest!

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