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Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson


My husband walks out on me because he likes to smoke crack and for another woman who hes been seeing for awhile like about a year imma chalk this up as lesson learned him and his girlfriend could continue to be great smoking crack its painful because I was his gf for 14 years then we married 6months ago and the marriage was a joke to him because I dont use drugs Ive been clean for 13 1/2 years but how ever he dont want to stop useing or cheating so im filing for a divorce only thing could help our marriage if Jesus Christ Save him for dereliction and his lust issues

CRACK Todo en uno MSD SOFT

I just dont know where to start, I have been with my husband for 20 years, we have 3 kids. two are grown and the other is 13. He started using drugs when he was 15 years old and has been using coke and crack for 12 years. He has also been diagnosed as bi-polar and addicted to sex. He was never physically abusive. He works hard at his job, we had a really tough patch for the last year and a half where we went thru bankruptcy. Then he got up to his old tricks and got arrested and we lost our car. He is currently going to drug rehab and we have back and forth drama with the law because he is a registered sex offender. The one thing is that he will not get help with his drug issues. The thing is that he lies alot and cant stand to be mad at us so he just does a 180 and everything is fine. He is currently on probation for another year and has been given 7-years of probation for his previous charge. He has one mug shot and one sex offender charge. The one thing is that he has broken alot of court orders he has had to do. But still he is getting away with it because he has been able to appeal it, he has a pro bono lawyer. He has threatened me too much times to stay with him. I cant believe how I have been treated, i am sorry for the pain I have caused to people. I just cant handle being treated like a child. If any of you have any suggestions or any advice I would really appreciate it. I am so tired, I want to die sometimes, I cant do anything anymore, I need help.


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