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Silas Morgan
Silas Morgan

Cirque Nail Polish Where To Buy

This is my first cirque polish and im in love! It is gorgeous and looks just as advertised in the swatch photos, and the formula was self-levelling, easy to work with, and dried very quickly. I also loved that the packaging in my order was fully recyclable :)

cirque nail polish where to buy


Cirque Colors Non-toxic, 10-free, vegan, & cruelty-free nail polish in "Hatch" is a white nail polish with fine black specks. Cirque Colors' polishes are made with irregular-shaped flake pigments that give it a unique, spotted finish.

This glow in the dark gel polish contains the smallest moving particles and a complex formula of micronized color pigments. It is thick in consistency and ideal for coating as close to the cuticle as possible. The convenient brush reaches the bottom of the bottle and allows you to cover the nail along the cuticle line. 041b061a72


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