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HACK Win 7 Custom Themes By MR. Grim

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The default palette was pretty grim, and the defaults made for some butt-ugly charts. But it was easy enough to tailor your own palette, as I had done with guidance from the color picker at, thanks to Cynthia A. Brewer, Pennsylvania State University. Below are shown the default palette (left) and one of my custom palettes (right). My bottom three rows were medium, light, and very light shades of 8 colors; I lightened up the grays in the last column, I replaced the dark colors in the top row, and made one of the dull greens in the middle into one with more life.

At the bottom of the list of color themes is a button labeled Customize Colors, which leads to this dialog. It is populated below with the Office 2013 colors. There is a preview of how the colors look together, and each color dropdown opens a color picker that lets you access all 16+ million combination of red, green, and blue pixels. then you can name and save your custom theme.

It's arguable that no game has yet taken "hack the planet" to the lengths that Ubisoft's hacktion adventure series has, and in Watch Dogs: Legion you can hack more things than ever before. Set in a grim near-future dystopia London, where the state has been partly co-opted by a private military security firm, you play as, well, anyone you want. Any of the NPCs can be brought into the Legion hacktivist fold, and they have special skills that make them more or less useful to the cause. Some are bare-knuckle specialists, others can disguise themselves, and yet more have extra hacking powers. 1e1e36bf2d


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