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2022 New Action Movie Hindi Dubbed South New South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2022 Full [NEW] - YouTube

Promotional campaign for the film was supposed to begin in July 2022, with the film's teaser trailer planned to be launched at the Brihadisvara Temple in Thanjavur, the city which served as the capital for the Chola dynasty.[141] Following the launch event, the team also planned a promotional tour for the film.[141] However, in mid-June 2022, the film's teaser launch was cancelled due to security reasons and post-production delays.[142] The movie team later on decided to have a grand teaser trailer launch event in Chennai as per their previous schedule on 8 July 2022.[143] The film's teaser trailer was released on 8 July 2022 in Tamil and dubbed versions of Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages.[144]

2022 New Action Movie Hindi Dubbed South | New South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2022 Full - YouTube

After back-to-back hits, Pushpa, RRR and KGF:2, South Indian films have dominated box-office collection in 2022. South Indian movies have made a huge impact in Indian as well as world cinema. When during the lockdown, Bollywood was running out of content, the south industry came to our rescue. Anupama Chopra claimed in an interview that regional cinema is here to stay. Today, Super hit South Indian movies are dubbed in Hindi to expand their reach to the masses, making them a household name when it comes to movie choice.

Here we have included those south Indian films which created a huge pre-release buzz and further took the box office by storm. In the list, many films were released in dubbed Hindi versions as well which was well received by the viewers up north and went on to surpass the lifetime of Bollywood biggies. And it also has movies that saw an increase in earnings due to audience word of mouth. 041b061a72


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