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Download Strong Srt4669xii Software BEST

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Download Strong Srt4669xii Software

I used your software to upgrade my strong 4669x and after booting I saw lock on the screen.I tried to unlock it by dialing 0000 and I later saw that the decoder was frozen although the lock was not there and all the channels was vanished.The decoder is now frozen.What should I do

Good morning sir, i was been able to get the rs 232 cable, and i wanted to rise a dead strong receiver SRT 4663X, when i visit the strong site to download its software i only saw SRT4663XV. My question is, can that work for my receiver. And the second is i connected the receiver to my system but when trying to connect, it is asking me to connet and turn ON my receiver and the receiver is dead but the problem is not a power problem. How do i go about it sir. Thank you sir.

Pls i want u to help me reset my Redline TS3000 HD Decoder, because i tried installing some software to upgrade it but since then it just displays downloading from TS and does not allow you to go to your menu nor access any other thing on the decoder. Hope you will can help me. U can also reach me at [email protected]. Thank you very much

the quality is too high for the present software installed on ur strong. play your match on your pc if u are not comfortable or download my patch software on my 4922 article. but i will advice you to let sleeping dogs lie

Hi Lemmy, Sorry for troubling, i had the option tab in my SRT 4669X when i did the software upgrade but like two days ago the Option tab isnt there again. that is why i am trying to find out where i can get the software upgrade which i try strong website but its not there. Thank You

goodday sir, i want to get a strong decoder SRT4669, but i already have SRT4652 strong decoder. Can i just upgrade the software/firmware Or better still get a new SRT4669 Need your reply please. Thank you

Strong Decoder is one of the best FTA satellite receivers in the market. Over time various software updates for Africa and Middle East and other regions are roll out for better user experience.This post will provide latest strong decoder upgrade software for all models. 1e1e36bf2d


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