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HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT51N ATA Device Firmware Update Utility

the following table lists the classes of usb client drivers that can be built into the usb stack. a class is a grouping of device types with common device characteristics and common driver requirements.

Drivers HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT51N ATA Device for Windows 10 64-bit

device class: the usb device class is the top-level driver class for usb device drivers. the device class is also the top-level driver class for usb mass-storage and usb serial drivers. the device class should be one of the following classes:

solution: if the drive has previously worked fine in windows xp, the solution is to install the latest drivers for the drive. if you have a device that is not listed in the device manager, then it might be an unrecognized device. you can download the latest drivers from the computer manufacturers website.

under windows xp, the driver, usbaudio.sys, is loaded by the operating system. it is not necessary to manually install the driver, as it is included with the operating system. under windows vista, a newer version of this driver is installed automatically during windows setup. this newer version of the driver is named usbaudio.sys and is part of the windows operating system. the media device shows up in the device manager under the same category as under windows xp. under windows 7, the driver, usbaudio. however, the windows installer does not install it. instead, the driver is loaded manually by the user when they install other audio-related components.

under windows vista, the usb storage device is automatically recognized. the file system of the device is automatically shown in windows explorer. the file system of the device is also displayed in the device manager. the hard disk drive is automatically recognized by the operating system. the operating system does not load a special driver for the device. instead, the file system of the hard disk drive is displayed in windows explorer.


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