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Dragon Ball Full Episodes Tagalog Version Dance !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Nannie Co has stated in an interview that, "During the dubbing process, we edit out scenes that we think are too violent or those with sexual implications to come up with a sanitized version for kids." This quote was from August 10, 1996. Meaning, that this was a censored dub. However, if you watch the currently available episodes of Dragon Ball Z, you'll find a very uncensored version of the show, a very accurate script, seemingly no censorship towards nudity, words such as "Hell" and "bastard" are left unaltered, etc... This was stated by Nannie in the same interview: "We used to enjoy a General Patronage rating for one year, but the MTRCB became stricter and gave us a Parental Guidance rating." These ratings she's talking about are ratings given to visual media in the Philippines, not too different from the MPAA TV ratings in the United States. Essentially, for one year, their show could be viewed by anyone of any age, but a year in, the show was targeted by the MTRCB and was given a different rating. This new one only being suitable for ages 13 and up. Anyone under 13 needed supervisions from a parent. And since Dragon Ball Z was the first series they dubbed, it easily fit underneath this first year of freedom, meaning not as much censorship.

Dragon Ball Full Episodes Tagalog Version Dance

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