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Make Clean

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Make Clean

there are C files in a directory and I have a makefile.I usually use makefile to compile.I have been wandering the role of the 'make clean''make clean' is just to remove files.Though I didn't use 'make clean', the error and warning was shown up when there were something wrong.I cannot realize why I need to use 'make clean' whenever I change the source file.

It's convention only. The convention is that clean will return you to a state where all you have is the "source" files. In other words, it gets rid of everything that can be built from something else (objects, executables, listings and so on).

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Make clean is a generic way of cleaning up a code. The command removes all compiled object files from the source code. This command is used alongside other commands, making it a bit tricky to use.

The make clean command allows you to get rid of objects and executable files. The compiler, at times, will compile or link files incorrectly, which may cause issues. The only way to have a new start is by removing all the objects and the executable files.

If you do not run make clean, you keep your old object files. These files get outdated with time, creating severe compatibility issues. For instance, you can have an existing object file that you want to link to version 1.0 of a library.

While it is possible to create a makefile that tracks all dependencies, including modification time, bugs can crawl into the file. Thus, cleaning everything and rebuilding correctly when you feel something is wrong is the best way out.

Use make clean when the source file or any header files named in the dependencies are more recent than the object file. Additionally, you can run make clean when the object file does not exist. The command will eliminate all object files created in the meantime.

You can partially recompile, i.e., only recompiling the files you have changed and then linking newly created object files with the pre-existing ones. But if you want to be 100 percent saf


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