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The Train Hindi Movie Torrent

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hitchcock's strangers on a train is a classic. it's a psychological thriller with a twist of suspense that starts out like a cozy love story and turns into a thriller. it's the first time hitchcock tackles the genre and it's very impressive. the movie is full of great film noir atmosphere and the script is really well done. the only downside is the final scene when the person with the mask is revealed to be leo g. carroll and it's a rather obvious revelation. but apart from that, this is one of hitchcock's best.

strangers on a train is a gripping thriller with an interesting premise. it's a little different to the usual hitchcock thriller though, and it's a good thing too. the story has several twists and you won't see them coming. i like the character of bruno as well, he's a good villain and he's got a lot of interesting sub plots going on too. i think the supporting characters are all good as well. a must watch for hitchcock fans and thriller fans in general.

strangers on a train is a good thriller. it's a fairly unusual piece of work for hitchcock, and the plot is very involved and convoluted. yet, it's a very enjoyable movie. this is one of the director's most polished works, and it's notable for the performances, especially robert walker's as bruno.

i've never seen hitchcock's strangers on a train, but i've seen all the hitchcock films i have, and all of them are great. this one is even better than rope. leo g. carroll is a brilliant villain, and robert walker is a great guy to watch. the story is tense and interesting and i found the film well-paced. not a great hitchcock, but still a very good one. 3d9ccd7d82


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