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6 Ways to Bet on Soccer Underdogs and Win

In the world of soccer betting, experts often consider the underdog bets to be the most likely to win. So, what are the reasons that professional bettors still share strategies on how to bet on underdogs? In today's article, Wintips will share some accurate betting tips to help you secure wins.

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What is betting on soccer underdogs?

This is a popular betting strategy chosen by many gamblers. Betting on the underdog refers to a team that is considered weaker or has a less impressive track record compared to other teams. In soccer betting, underdog bets are usually offered at different odds by various bookmakers.

To distinguish these bets from others in the odds table, they are often marked in black, gray, or light blue. Bookmakers assess the performance and strengths of each team to determine which team is more likely to lose and then offer underdog odds accordingly. So, how can you bet on underdogs and secure a victory?

Is it advisable to bet on soccer underdogs in online football betting?

According to experts, underdog bets are relatively easier to win because the odds for underdogs are often set at ¼, 1, or ½. Each bookmaker provides the best odds for you to choose from, so it's essential to carefully observe all the factors to make the right decision.

In addition to the odds provided by bookmakers, bettors need to analyze and consider various surrounding factors, such as team performance, form, and previous match results.

How should you apply the underdog betting strategy?

This is a strategy that many bettors have been using in recent soccer matches, and it's relatively easy to succeed with this underdog betting approach. When carefully observing bookmakers' odds, novice bettors often see bright opportunities in this strategy. However, this is not always the case.

There will undoubtedly be around 1 to 2 matches out of every 5 where bookmakers use this strategy as a bait, especially for those who are new to betting. This bait makes bettors believe that the odds are favorable, but in reality, they may be falling into a trap.

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Choosing to Bet on a Half-Goal Handicap

When betting on a half-goal handicap, it's not just about checking the odds; you also need to analyze various factors like form, direct history, or team performance. The primary factor is the minimal difference in winning odds.

The rule for this type of betting is that if you choose the under 0.5 option, any goals scored after the match will be added to your score. Conversely, if you opt for the over option, you'll need to cover the half-goal handicap. For instance, if Team 1 gives a 0.5 handicap to Team 2, those who bet on the under will win if the two teams draw.

Choosing to Bet on a Three-Quarter Goal Handicap

This betting strategy is quite common in recent matches. However, if you lack experience, placing such bets can be challenging. If you move from betting on a one-goal handicap to a three-quarter goal handicap just a few hours before the match, the stakes can rise rapidly. Therefore, currently, the best options are either betting on the over, where you win if the margin is only one goal, or the under, which means losing half the stake even if you win.

Betting on a One-Goal Handicap

This type of bet involves giving a one-goal handicap to the weaker team. To win an over bet, you need a victory margin of two goals, but if you win with a smaller margin, you'll lose, and the lower-ranked team will be the victor. This is a more challenging betting method, so players need to thoroughly research it to avoid losing.

Thoroughly Analyze Match Information

Before making bets using these underdog betting strategies, the first step is to analyze the information surrounding the match to get a rough idea of the two teams. Avoid Relying Solely on Handicap Numbers

Many inexperienced bettors tend to place bets on underdogs for every match, assuming they will win. This mindset undervalues the impact of handicap points on the market.

Keep a Stable Mindset

When betting, it's essential to consider the crowd's choices. For example, in a match between Liverpool and Manchester, if someone predicts that Manchester will win, the bookmakers will adjust the odds in favor of Manchester. As the match approaches, bookmakers will change the odds depending on both teams' performance, making it challenging for players to adjust their bets.

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This article has provided readers with various strategies for betting on underdogs. This type of play can be challenging and requires time to gather information and make appropriate analysis. We wish all bettors success in choosing underdog betting strategies.


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