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Minks - By The Hedge (2010) Fix

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Silver wears a white-colored scarf-like headband with a black logo bearing the words "Sonic the Hedgehog" on it around his head. His scarf is tied around his head much like Sonic's, and his scarf has a black band of roughly two inches consisting of five bikinis with blue lightning bolts above it. Although he usually wears only one bikini, he also wears a brown jumpsuit underneath, giving him a distinctly bishoujo appearance. His hands are equipped with spindash gloves, spindash boots and a long range weapon: a pointed, diamond-shaped shield. Silver's current appearance bears a strong resemblance to other spinners living around the time period. The continuity of his physical appearance strongly implies he has been working hard to become a perfect, modern spinny. Although his current appearance may seem girly, Silver is considered somewhat tough - despite his appearance he has the strength and stamina of an untamed spinner, but without the animal-like instincts of a wild spinny. Despite this, all of Silver's parts and accessories bear the design of a spinny, such as the veins on his hands and the spindash glove's design, with the former stating his role as the bearer of the special abilities of hedgehogs. Silver is the current incarnation of Metal Sonic. His headquarters, called the Tower of Spirits (おかみの砂の巨人塔, Ouma no Kanō no Kikōtenjūta), is located in Kirisame City and it is said to be one of the secret lairs of the Sega Crash Bandicoot.

When Silver awakens on the twilight of the 5th birthday, he notices that he now looks significantly older. Although he has no recollection of his past, he realizes he was a man-sized hedgehog before and has lost his memory. Strangely enough, Silver's powers have faded, and he appears to be more worn-down now. Curiously, his scarf is still black, symbolizing no change or anything in particular. He begins to become despondent, and begins to think that he is destined to be a hedgehog who sacrifices his dreams to someone or something else else. However, his mind is then reminded of what he is meant to be doing. d2c66b5586


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