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Wiki Usb Digital Microscope Download

Wiki USB Digital Microscope Download

A USB digital microscope is a device that connects to a computer's USB port and allows the user to view magnified images of objects on the screen. USB digital microscopes are useful for various purposes, such as education, hobby, research, or inspection. To use a USB digital microscope, the user needs to install the appropriate software on the computer. This article will provide some information on how to download and use the software for different types of USB digital microscopes.

Download File:

Plugable USB Digital Microscope

Plugable is a company that produces various USB devices, including digital microscopes. Plugable offers two models of USB digital microscopes: the USB2-MICRO-250X and the USB2-MICRO-800X. The former has a magnification range of 20x to 250x, while the latter has a range of 40x to 800x. Both models have built-in LED lights around the lens to provide illumination for the object. The microscopes come with a flexible stand that can be adjusted to different angles and heights.

To use the Plugable USB digital microscope, the user needs to download and install the Digital Viewer software from the Plugable website. The software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS platforms. The software allows the user to capture still images and videos of the object, as well as adjust various settings such as brightness, contrast, resolution, and zoom. The software also has some features such as measurement tools, image filters, and time-lapse recording.

Wiki USB Digital Microscope

Wiki is another brand of USB digital microscopes that are widely available online. Wiki microscopes have similar features and specifications as Plugable microscopes, such as magnification range, LED lights, and flexible stand. However, Wiki microscopes have different software options for different platforms.

For Windows users, Wiki microscopes use the same Digital Viewer software as Plugable microscopes. The user can download and install the software from the Wiki website or from the CD-ROM that comes with the microscope. For macOS users, Wiki microscopes use a different software called MicroCapture Pro. The user can download and install the software from the Wiki website or from the CD-ROM. MicroCapture Pro has similar functions as Digital Viewer, but with a different user interface.

For Linux users, Wiki microscopes do not have a specific software, but they can work with some generic applications such as Cheese or GTK+ UVC Viewer. These applications can be installed from the app store or from the terminal commands in Linux. For Android users, Wiki microscopes require an OTG cable to connect to the device. The user can use an app called CameraFi 2 to view and record images and videos from the microscope. CameraFi 2 is available on Google Play Store. For Chrome OS users, Wiki microscopes do not need any additional software. The user can use Google's built-in camera app to capture photos and videos from the microscope.


USB digital microscopes are handy devices that can provide magnified views of various objects on a computer screen. They are easy to use and affordable for many purposes. However, different types of USB digital microscopes may require different software to operate. This article has provided some information on how to download and use the software for Plugable and Wiki USB digital microscopes on different platforms.


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