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Download Scavengers and Experience a New Level of Online Competition

Scavengers Download: How to Play the Free-to-Play PvPvE Shooter

If you're looking for a new and exciting online shooter that blends elements of survival, sandbox, and battle royale, you might want to check out Scavengers. This game, developed by Midwinter Entertainment, a studio founded by former Halo developers, is currently in early access and free to play on PC. In this article, we'll tell you how to download and play Scavengers, what are the system requirements, what are the main features, and what are some tips and tricks to help you survive the frozen wasteland.

Where to Download Scavengers

Scavengers is available on PC through both Steam and Epic Games Store. There's no difference between the two versions, so you can choose whichever platform you prefer. You'll need to have an account registered with the service to download the game. Here are the links and instructions for both platforms:

scavengers download

  • : Click on the green Play Game button to add it to your library.

  • : Click the blue Get button to add it to your account.

Scavengers has crossplay support between Steam and Epic Games Store, so you can play with your friends regardless of which platform they use. However, sharing a platform could make finding and adding each other easier.

What are the System Requirements for Scavengers

Before you download Scavengers, you'll want to make sure that your PC can run it smoothly. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements for Scavengers, according to :

Minimum Requirements

Recommended Requirements

CPU: Core I5-6500 or equivalent




GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 380


OS: Windows 10

OS: Windows 10

Free Disk Space: 15 GB

Free Disk Space: TBD

DirectX: TBD

DirectX: TBD

If you're not sure if your PC meets these requirements, you can use to check your hardware automatically.

What are the Main Features of Scavengers

Scavengers is a strategic shooter where players form squads of three to compete for survival and dominance across a hostile frozen wasteland. Here are some of the main features that make Scavengers stand out from other online shooters:

  • PvEvP gameplay with 60 players in teams of three: In each match, you'll face off against other players as well as AI enemies, such as cannibalistic Outlanders, zombie-like Scourge, and various wildlife. You will have to balance your objectives and resources as you explore, scavenge, fight, and cooperate with other teams.

  • Frozen wasteland setting with environmental hazards and AI enemies: The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a cataclysmic event has plunged the Earth into a new ice age. You'll have to deal with harsh weather conditions, such as blizzards, storms, and avalanches, as well as hostile creatures and factions that roam the land. You'll also have to manage your body temperature and avoid freezing to death.

  • Character classes with unique abilities and signature weapons: Scavengers features a roster of diverse characters, each with their own backstory, personality, and skill set. You can choose from different classes, such as assault, support, stealth, and sniper, and customize your loadout with various weapons, gadgets, and perks. Each character also has a unique ability that can give them an edge in combat or survival, such as cloaking, healing, tracking, or summoning.

  • Data points system and dropship extraction: The main objective of Scavengers is to collect data points, which are scattered across the map or dropped by enemies. Data points are the currency of the game and can be used to unlock new characters, weapons, and cosmetics. However, data points are not secured until you extract them by boarding a dropship that arrives at the end of each match. The dropship can only fit four teams, so you'll have to fight your way to the extraction point or make alliances with other teams.

What are Some Tips and Tricks for Scavengers

Scavengers is a challenging game that requires strategy, teamwork, and adaptability. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance and enjoy the game more:

  • Form a balanced team composition: Scavengers is a team-based game, so you'll want to coordinate with your squadmates and choose characters that complement each other. For example, you might want to have one assault character to deal damage, one support character to heal and buff your team, and one stealth character to scout and flank the enemies. You can also communicate with your team using voice chat or ping system.

  • Don't be too aggressive or passive: Scavengers is a game of risk and reward, so you'll have to balance your aggression and caution. If you're too aggressive, you might attract unwanted attention from other teams or AI enemies, or run out of ammo and resources. If you're too passive, you might miss out on valuable data points or opportunities to eliminate other teams. You'll have to find the right balance between exploring, scavenging, fighting, and hiding.

  • Make warming up a priority: Scavengers is a game of survival, so you'll have to keep an eye on your body temperature and avoid freezing to death. You can warm up by finding shelter, lighting fires, eating food, or using certain abilities. You can also see your teammates' temperature on the HUD and help them if they're freezing. Warming up also restores your health and stamina.

  • Use your abilities together: Scavengers is a game of synergy, so you'll want to use your abilities in conjunction with your teammates' abilities. For example, you might want to use a cloaking ability to sneak behind the enemies and then use a stun grenade to disable them for your teammates to finish them off. You can also combo your abilities with environmental hazards or AI enemies for more damage or distraction.

  • Don't rush to the dropship: Scavengers is a game of extraction, so you'll have to secure your data points by boarding the dropship at the end of each match. However, don't rush to the dropship as soon as it arrives, as it might be crowded with other teams or ambushed by enemies. You might want to wait for the right moment to make your move or look for alternative routes to the extraction point.

Conclusion and FAQs

Scavengers is a free-to-play PvPvE shooter that offers a unique and thrilling experience for fans of online shooters. If you're interested in playing Scavengers, you can download it from Steam or Epic Games Store for free on PC. You'll need a decent PC to run it smoothly and a good internet connection to enjoy it fully. You'll also need some skills and strategies to survive the frozen wasteland and compete with other players for data points. If you follow the tips and tricks we shared in this article, you'll have a better chance of becoming a successful scavenger.

If you have any questions about Scavengers download or gameplay, you might find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below:


  • Is Scavengers free to play?

Yes, Scavengers is free to play on PC. You don't need to pay anything to download or play the game. However, you can purchase in-game currency or cosmetics with real money if you want to support the developers or customize your appearance.

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  • Is Scavengers cross-platform?

Scavengers is cross-platform between Steam and Epic Games Store, meaning that you can play with your friends regardless of which platform they use. However, Scavengers is not cross-platform with consoles, such as PlayStation or Xbox, as of now.

  • How many players are in a match of Scavengers?

Scavengers supports up to 60 players in a match, divided into 20 teams of three. You ca


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