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MATLAB R2010a Crack: Risks and Consequences of Using It

The authors prefer to use the term microdamage for a microscopic crack in the sense of a minute flaw in a material such as wood or an artificial material. Microdamage is a well-understood phenomenon and many standard forms of microdamage can be observed in historical specimens. This classically results from the repeated application of loadings that exceed the yield stress of the material as a result of their rate or magnitude. Little has been reported in the literature about strain rate-induced damage within the microcrack: the conversion of the microcrack into a crack at a larger scale can be a result of work hardening. Evidence of this point was provided by Yeni et al. [ 7 ] using PEW, i.e. the elastoplastic transformation of hardening due to cyclic straining followed by a power law failure of the elastoplastic behavior of the material. Thus, the idea of this study was to monitor nonlinear elasticity with SR-CT, i.e. the elastoplastic behavior of the material under cyclic loading in vivo, and to compare the outcome with the bone material properties. Therefore, we decided to carry out mechanical fatigue tests at room temperature and to apply volumetric modulated arc radiography (VMAR) at European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) to obtain high-resolution 3D images of the bone microdamage. The 3D images were then used to reconstruct VOIs, which corresponded to the volume of bone sampled by the image acquisition protocol of the experiment. Moreover, microdamage analysis was performed using an automatic algorithm that permits 2D and 3D computation with a high level of automation and accuracy [ 9 ].

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