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File: ...


File: ...

Each line contains one hardware address and name, separated bywhitespace. The digits of the hardware address are separated by colons(:), dashes (-) or periods (.). The same separator character must beused consistently in an address. The following three lines are validlines of an ethers file:

The format is the same as the ethersfile, except that each address is four bytes instead of six.Additionally, the address can be represented as a single hexadecimalnumber, as is more common in the IPX world, rather than four hex octets.For example, these four lines are valid lines of an ipxnets file:

Changes since previous release:Andre Goddard Rosa: smemcap: keep outputting by ignoring transient processesBaruch Siach: don't clobber dangling symlinksBernhard Reutner-Fischer: brctl: use a single buffer for brname and ifname printf: fix printing +-prefixed numbersBrandon Maier: ifupdown: support "source-directory" stanzaBrandon P. Enochs: ntpd: add support for MD5/SHA1 message authenticationChen Qi: testsuite: check CONFIG_DESKTOP before using 'od -t'Chen Yu: remove_file: don't call rmdir if remove_file return failureChristoph Schulz: ash: reset tokpushback before prompting while parsing heredocDenys Vlasenko: libbb: @ in "\x3@" is not a valid hex digit libbb: do not misinterpret 0x10-0x19 chars in "\xNNN" too libbb: fix potential NULL pointer use libbb: fix use-after-free in copy_file libbb: in xmalloc_fgets(), use size_t for bb_get_chunk_from_file() tls: add support for ECDHE-ECDSA-AES-128-CBC-SHA and x25519 curve tls: add support for TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 cipher tls: add support for TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 cipher tls: add support for 8 more cipher ids - all tested to work tls: in AES-CBC code, do not set key for every record - do it once tls: introduce FEATURE_TLS_SHA1 to make SHA1 code optional tls: simplify hmac_begin(), speed up prf_hmac_sha256() extend fractional duration support to "top -d N.N" and "timeout" Revert "libbb: remove unnecessary variable in xmalloc_fgets" ash: allow shell scripts to be embedded in the binary ash: eval: Restore input files in evalcommand ash: eval: Variable assignments on functions are no longer persistent ash: exec: Return 126 on most errors in shellexec ash: expand: Do not quote backslashes in unquoted parameter expansion ash: expand: Fix ghost fields with unquoted $@/$* ash: parser: Fix parsing of $ ash: var: Set IFS to fixed value at start time ash,hush: fold shell_builtin_read() way-too-many params into a struct param ash,hush: properly handle $v//pattern/repl if pattern starts with / hush: expand_vars_to_list() should not assume it starts new word hush: faster/smaller code to check for presense of multiple chars in string hush: fix another case where empty "for" wasn't setting exitcode to 0 hush: fix/explain corner cases of redirection colliding with script fd hush: fix handling of heredocs not enclosed in groups where they are "declared" hush: fix handling of heredocs starting with empty lines hush: fix handling of '' in $var:+ARG hush: fix heredoc handling in the "cmd

Changes since previous release:Avi Fishman: i2cset: fix 'i' & 's' modes (3 extra bytes were sent)Avi Halachmi: lineedit: improve multiline PS1 - redraw using last PS1 line. Closes 10381Bartosz Golaszewski: i2c-tools: remove unneeded include i2c-tools: don't include linux/i2c-dev.hDenys Vlasenko: stop using atexit in non-debug build: saves 260 bytes in bss with musl use %m printf specifier where appropriate standalone shell / prefer_applets: fix "exe" in comm fields change BB_EXTRA_VERSION: now it needs to contain any spaces/parenthesis regularize format of source file headers, no code changes move get_unaligned_le32() macros to platform.h sparc: needs -fPIC config: deindent all help texts config: FEDORA_COMPAT option (so far only tweaks uname) config: merge "Busybox Settings" and "Busybox Library Tuning" into one menu config: more tweaking of help texts con


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