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In recent years there has been concern about potential links between gold and unlawful armed conflict, such as civil wars and militia activity. Although the proportion of newly-mined gold that is tainted by the involvement in conflict is very low, responsible mining should put processes in place to make sure that neither they, nor the gold they produce, are contributing to the conflict. Ceasing operations entirely, however, could accentuate the crisis for communities in conflict areas by denying them legitimate livelihoods and economic opportunities.

If left unresolved, conflict within a company can impact leader-employee relationships. It can take a significant toll on trust, lower morale, increase stress and health risks, increase absenteeism, decrease motivation, performance, and productivity, and even lead to high employee turnover.

Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing its positive effects. It aims to teach groups conflict resolution skills that will help them effectively communicate when in conflict with a team member.

Here are some of the most common reasons for workplace conflict1. Competition for scarce resourcesAnything of value (information, budgets, space, office services, and personnel) within an organization can be sought after by several employees. A scarcity of these valuable resources can lead to conflicts between employees.

When resources are limited in an organization, every department head will try to obtain the maximum they can of those resources for their respective departments. That can give rise to conflicts between departments.

3. Unreasonable policies, rules, standards, and procedures/ambiguous goals and objectivesWhen employees cannot attain policies, regulations, standards, and procedures, it leads to dysfunctional conflicts with their managers.

5. Personality clashesThe most common reason for workplace conflict is a clash of personalities. People have different values and perceptions, and when these do not match with their peers, it leads to severe disagreements between employees, between management and employees, or between a manager and an employee.

8. Task interdependenceTwo departments that are interdependent for directions, supplies, or even information must coordinate their activities. When the departments cannot find a way to coordinate their actions, it could lead to conflicts between them.

There are five steps that managers must follow to ensure successful conflict management and resolution between individuals or groups.Step 1. Find the source of the conflict.Accept the fact there is a conflict, find out its source and gather as much information about it as you can before you address it. The more information you have, the easier it is to resolve the conflict. You can ask a series of questions to identify its source.

Step 2. Look beyond the conflicting incidentOften, a particular event (even a minor one) triggers conflict that festers over time. Ultimately, one side breaks, resulting in visible and disruptive behavior. The source of the dispute (the trigger incident) is forgotten, and only the present behavior is addressed.

Senior management plays an integral part in company-wide conflict management. Leaders who ignore conflicts or allow conflict to fester will find that over time theirs is a toxic workplace environment. The best solution to avoid that kind of situation is to confront conflict head-on. Conflicts give you a chance to build trust and relationships with your employees.

Managing conflict in a company-wide ecosystem can be tricky because you might not be familiar with how the broader ecosystem or the environment, the conflicting individuals, teams, or departments operate. However, it must be done. Here are some tips that will help.

2. Time conflict management wiselyThe best time for action is when you have enough proof that there is indeed a conflict that must be addressed. Act immediately if everyone is aware of the problem. You lose respect as a leader if everyone sees the problem but you refuse to address it.

4. Know your boundariesWhile you must manage conflicts within the organization, you must know that there are limitations and boundaries of the conflicting parties that you cannot cross.

5. Respect differencesAs a leader, you might be tempted to impose your authority over your employees. It is essential to respect their differences and learn to see things from their points of view. That will also help you better understand how conflicts can be avoided in the future.

6. Confront the tensionAs a leader, one of your skills must be to perceive tensions that are not obvious to others. When you sense tensions arising from conflicts, use your leadership to actively address the conflicts before they get out of hand and before circumstances force you to take action.

While its impossible to permanently avoid conflict in the workplace, it is possible to develop a positive workplace environment after a conflict has been resolved. Here are three tips to follow at an organizational level, individual level, and at a team level.

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A conflict of interest policy is used to outline procedures for employees when a possible conflict exists between their own personal interests and the interests of the organization. The policy sets boundaries for employees where possible conflicts may arise in order to protect the company and prevent clashes between a company and its workers.

When a possible conflict of interest arises, the board of directors will collect all of the pertinent information and may question any concerned parties. If the board determines that a conflict exists, steps will be taken to address the conflict. If no conflict exists, the inquiry may be documented but no further action will be taken.

When an actual conflict of interest is found, any transactions that may have been affected will be reviewed retroactively. Affected parties both within and outside of the business, including shareholders, directors, employees, and contractors will be notified. An investigation will also be conducted by the board of directors to determine the extent of the conflict and the intentions of the parties involved.

As all conflicts of interest will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, a review may result in disciplinary action. The board of directors has full discretion to deem what disciplinary action is both fitting and necessary, including suspension and/or termination of employment.

Your conflict of interest policy should begin with a brief statement of the purpose of the document. This tells employees why the policy exists and how it will help them to make the right decisions as they go about their duties as an agent/employee of your business.

A conflict of interest can show up in many different forms, but usually, it holds an aspect of financial gain for the employee that may or may not align with the overall mission of the business. For example, an employee who holds stock in a competing company may stand to gain by disclosing inside information to their competitor. Potential conflicts like these should be explained in the policy. 153554b96e


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