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The Pros and Cons of Fast Travel in Stalker Soc

This addon does three things. Firstly, it enables fast travel (which is disabled by default in CoC), secondly it adds a lot more available points to fast travel to, and it also lets you choose whether you want to unlock the fast travel points by first visiting them, or have them all unlocked from the beginning.

Stalker Soc Fast Travel

No longer do you have to save and load on the fast travel locations! They should appear automatically when you are near one! I meant to upload this earlier, but work got in the way. Let me know if this fixes the issues some have been having. Cheers.

The official YouTube video for this reads: "Fast travel will only work after discovering certain locations, which will appear on the PDA as you find them. You will be unable to fast travel if you have enemies, are bleeding or radiated, over encumbered and during emissions. It will be disabled by default because it goes against some of my personal design choices.

I added a fast travel system to demonstrate a new engine feature which will be in 1.4.15. I added to the engine the ability to initiate a context menu by right-clicking map spots. The menu items and actions can be added dynamically through lua scripting, making it possible for addon creators to use this feature as well."

This mod has good and bad sides.But I like it.You can save a lot of time with fast travelling, but why would you do it when you can kill bandits and find artifacts on the way to your destination?

Exactly how do i use the mod? I spam click the green house icons and nothing happens, i try to right click in hopes of a menu but nothing happens either. I'm in the Zaton safezone and trying to quicktravel to jupiter trainstation.

Is some kind of a map of all the travelling points avaible? It is kind of ridicolous to walk around the entire area saving and loading all the time so that i can find where the specific travelling point is and make it actually appear on the map as a travelling point. I lost so much time moving to places that I thought weren't travelling places because they would not appear on my map, but only after saving and loading while standing in that specific location it would appear as a travelling point. A map or a list of all the avaible travelling points for this addon would solve the problem.

I wanted to mention that this mod has a bug that can occur after a long playthrough where the PDA lags down to 10-15 FPS when viewing the map because of anomaly fields being duplicated. I think this is caused by a fast travel point stacking the existing map on top of the updated one, assuming that's how fast travel points work.

Firstly, it enables fast travel (which is disabled by default in CoC), ... Copy the included gamedata folder with all of its content to the folder containing Call of Chernobyl (where "Stalker-CoC.exe" is located).. ... Pripyat (SoC).

Although mods for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. games made to suit various purposes exist, there are ... to their next mission marker, or it can make looting easier, faster and fun! ..but now the player doesn't have to travel through Radar wasting medkits from ...

It's been nearly a decade since the launch of STALKER: Call of Pripyat, the .. civil engineering unit conversion software free downloadstalker fast travel modThe original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl was a bit of a mess.

Read what our users had to say about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat for PC ... lore for a few minor sequences from S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow Of Chernobyl.. ... No fast travel so you spend way too much time walking long distances.

Cleveland clinic gofit Stalker misery map travel.. ... 7/1/2013 Misery (CoP) Lost Alpha; Mod sources: SoC - CS - CoP (ModDB) .. ... Official Call of Chernobyl Fast Travel (1.5 update) Since I couldn't find this file anywhere and I've seen other ...

I ended up installing the mod STALKER Complete 2012, and I would have to say, I was very impressed. I would recommend this MOD to anyone playing the game for the first time. I hear that the MOD makes the game very easy, because it does add the feature to fast travel. All I did was increase the difficulty and found it perfect.

im seriously glad i played that game and that my computer was enought to stand it, its a really awesome game, unlike fallout which the more you play the game, the more real guns like the assault rifle feel made out of plastic, but you become overpowered, in stalker it actually feels like you are a real person, you arent a bullet sponge at all. ill probably doa second playtrought, which is something really big coming from me, i rarely replay games, the only open world game i have replayed was bully, ill probably install oblivion lost.

This is an extremely handy tool. It can carry the player past entire unnecessary maps when going to their next mission marker, or it can make looting easier, faster and fun! See Examples which are shown below. Mapjumping may be used while in a vehicle as well, teleporting both player and vehicle to the destination.

When the player has to go to Lost Factory through Radar and Countryside, Radar may now simply be bypassed with "jump_to_level la19_country". Player must still go through Countryside for scripted blowout/Ecologist rescue, but now the player doesn't have to travel through Radar wasting medkits from the pesky psi-damage effects.

Two main things: Enemies respawn at their checkpoints all the time (just like Far Cry 2) I have to keep going back and forth on the same "main road", there's no vehicles and no fast travel About the enemies respawning, just look at this:

I don't remember having problems with rapidly respawning enemies, but I haven't played SoC in a while so I might just be misremembering. About the fast travel/vehicle stuff, that's just the way SoC is. There are some pretty decent mods out there that add in vehicles & fast travel and do it well, you should have a look around for them if it's really bothering you. If it's any consolation, I believe Clear Sky (the next game) added in some form of fast travel system.

  • YantarTypeIndustrial areaNotable locationsMobile science lab (CS, SoC)Production complex (CS, SoC)Lab X-16 (SoC)FactionsLoners (CS, SoC)Duty (SoC)Ecologists (CS, SoC) Zombified stalker (CS, SoC)LeaderSakharov (Ecologists) (CS, SoC)

  • MerchantsSakharov (CS, SoC)

  • Other charactersKruglov (SoC)


After the Zone was born in 2006, the complex fell into disrepair and was abandoned, but the emitter was still active. This has proven disastrous, as many stalkers, lured by the prospect of scavenging an intact factory, fell prey to the emitter's disastrous influence and turned into zombified stalkers, almost feral creatures extremely aggressive towards anyone not zombified.

Scar travels to Yantar in search of Strelok and must help the scientist bunker situated here. After doing a few tasks, Scar is eventually sent into the Production complex with a team of stalkers who are tasked with restarting the cooling pumps to the X-16 lab in order to stop the psi-emissions affecting all of Yantar. After Scar completes this task, he can travel to the Red Forest.

Your main foes in Yantar are zombified stalkers and Snorks. After you've been to Yantar a number of times, you may also come upon in X-16, the Controller. In the tunnels beneath the installation to the north you will also encounter a Pseudogiant. In the boggy area in lake Yantar is where most of the snorks live, while the zombified stalkers roam everywhere and come from the complex above X-16. The swampy areas with the Snorks is particularly dangerous due to the reduced movement speed caused by the water, the high speed of the snorks because of their ability to jump and the sheer number of them. If you plan to kill the snorks to get their feet for Sakharov then the best plan is the snipe from the edge of the bog, then wade in to collect.

At its default settings, and assuming you start out as an independent S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in the Cordon zone, Anomaly is only a little tougher than the original trilogy. You need to eat, drink and sleep, but only as much as a real human might. Healing items take a few seconds to activate and a while longer to fully take effect. You need a knife to slice up mutant wildlife for organs to sell on the black market, and weapons take a little bit more maintenance, but don't wear down as fast as they did before. Plus, doing bonus missions to deliver tools to repair experts gets you a lifetime discount.

But that's just the default, and Anomaly can be as casual or as brutal as you like, with some options set during character creation and others tweakable in-game via the main menu. This includes a fast travel feature with a surprising number of options, and I'd recommend enabling at least some form of it.

Side quests are much more substantial than the fetch and kill quests of the prior two games, taking the player to points of interest across the map and guiding them to interesting navigation and combat challenges. A personal favorite was when I was tasked with climbing to the top of a dredge station to discover the source of a strange glow (an artifact, as it happens), which first involves a platforming puzzle through anomalies and ends with the player ambushed by a once-friendly stalker intending to take the artifact for himself. Lots of missions will have scripted events, like mutants spawning outside a building after you cross through a chokepoint to leave it, and many missions carry implicit story choices. The A-Life system provides an equal amount of interesting unscripted encounters as well, with roaming mutants adding a dynamic threat to exploration or possibly distracting enemy combatants; I found myself having to deal with a pack of boars and a band of snorks as I raided a zombie-infested sawmill for tools.

While it only barely counts as an open-world game by 2018 standards, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl was a knockout upon its 2007 release when judged on the merits of its technical achievements and world design. Rather than a seamless open world, it was a series of expansive zones that the player could travel between during the course of the game.


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