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Czech Amateur [WORK]

09.08.2020 The Czech Czech Stroke Championship is considered to be the pinnacle of the local amateur scene. This tournament, which is classified as a World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR) event, is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Czech Republic.

czech amateur

12.08.2019 The Czech International Stroke Play Championship is regarded as the highlight of the local amateur scene. This tournament, which classifies as a World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR) event, constitutes one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Czech Republic.

Despite this, the Czechs are making their WBC Tournament debut with an all-amateur roster. The Czech Republic stunned Spain 3-1 in a WBC qualifier in September to earn its berth in the 18-team tournament. Spain had defeated the Czechs 21-7 just days earlier.

While many nations that compete in the World Baseball Classic do so with the help of players from Major League Baseball or other international major leagues, Team Czech Republic is taking the field with an entirely amateur lineup.

An increasing number of individuals and institutions own or operate meteorological stations, but the resulting data are not yet commonly used in the Czech Republic. One of the main difficulties is the heterogeneity of measuring systems that puts in question the quality of outcoming data. Only after a thorough quality control of recorded data is it possible to proceed with for example a specific survey of variability of a chosen meteorological parameter in an urban or suburban region. The most commonly researched element in the given environment is air temperature. In the first phase, this paper focuses on the quality of data provided by amateur and institutional stations. The following analyses consequently work with already amended time series. Due to the nature of analyzed data and their potential use in the future it is opportune to assess the appropriateness of chronological and possibly spatial interpolation of missing values. The evaluation of seasonal variability of air temperature in the scale of Brno city and surrounding area in 2015-2017 demonstrates, that the enrichment of network of standard (professional) stations with new stations may significantly refine or even revise the current state of knowledge, for example in the case of urban heat island phenomena. A cluster analysis was applied in order to assess the impact of localization circumstances (station environment, exposition, etc.) as well as typological classification of the set of meteorological stations.

The Moving Image 6.1 (2006) 66-81 // --> [Access article in PDF] Amateur Video Must Not Be Overlooked Judi Hetrick [End Page 66] In early September 2003, the New York Times revealed that an amateur video from September 11, 2001, that showed both planes hitting the World Trade Center had surfaced. It is the only footage that does so. In the two years after it was shot, however, the tape had "bounced around" the apartment of its maker, Pavel Hlava, an immigrant from the Czech Republic. Once, he found his young son with the camera, erasing the tape. He got the camera away before any harm was done, the Times reported. Times editors headlined the story, by James Glanz, "A Rare View of Sept. 11, Overlooked."

Artifacts made today by the 95 percent include technologically advanced texts such as digital video. The events of September 11, 2001, are among the most infamous newsworthy images ever captured by an amateur videographer, but they were not the first and will certainly not be the last. Amateur moving images have literally changed the way we see the events of our time. As Jan-Christopher Horak, the editor of The Moving Image, wrote not long after the attack:

The 95 percent should share that storytelling mission, and their videos can be a major contribution in every community. This is in line with the Library of Congress's Television/Video Preservation Study, which has called on archivists to "identify home video as a potentially valuable source of social documentation" (Murphy 1997). Archivists [End Page 68] should pursue partnerships and community outreach to identify and select amateur community video for archiving. This article suggests some preliminary criteria for identification and selection of such video, and also recommends expanding and adding detail to the ways home movies and video are categorized by creating a new genre called "community vernacular video." Finally, a movement to save these videos is urgently needed, as the change from tape to digital formats endangers many original video documents. 041b061a72


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