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Because YouTube is one of the most popular search engines, it is an instrumental tool to stay up to date on the most relevant dermatology trends and content in order to better direct patients and improve health outcomes. Twelve select terms (i.e. Dermatology, Sun protection, Skin cancer awareness, Skin cancer, Skin condition, Sun safety, Tanning, Melanoma, Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma, Skin cancer treatment, Skin cancer prevention) were searched on YouTube. Overall, the results included 240 videos with over 160 million views. Educational content was most prevalent at 35% of the total search results. Of the total videos, 42% were uploaded by or featured a medical health professional (MD, DO, PhD, RN, ND), with 28% involving a board-certified dermatologist. Trends in content type have changed: educational and personal videos have increased, while advocacy and advertising have decreased. Most search terms are moving in a positive, informative direction, specifically the term "tanning." Other search terms such as "skin condition" and "skin cancer treatment" should be more closely monitored for misleading and perhaps harmful information. Therefore, dermatologists and other medical personnel should keep pace with relevant and popular dermatology content on YouTube in order to understand, advise, market, educate, and address patients' questions and concerns.

The videos below include contributions from FCE researchers and videos created by other media and production companies which feature FCE research. Please see the FCE LTER YouTube page for more videos and the FCE Photos page for photos. The LTER Network site has videos of from other LTER sites and LTER Network activities.

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