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Handbook Of Evidence-Based Therapies For Childr...

This comprehensive handbook for evidence-based mental health and learning interventions with children and adolescents is distinguished by its explicit yet concise guidance on implementation in practice. With a compendium of proven strategies for resolving more than 40 of the most pressing and prevalent issues facing young people, the book provides immediate guidance and uniform step-by-step instructions for resolving issues ranging from psychopathological disorders to academic problems. Busy academics, practitioners, and trainees in schools and outpatient clinical settings will find this resource to be an invaluable desktop reference for facilitating well-informed decision making.

Handbook of Evidence-Based Therapies for Childr...

Roberts, M. C., & James, R. L. (2008). Empirically supported treatments and evidence-based practice for children and adolescents. In R. G. Steele, T. D. Elkin & M. C. Roberts (Eds.), Handbook of evidence-based therapies for children and adolescents: Bridging science and practice, 9-24, Springer Science + Business Media, New York, NY. 041b061a72


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