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Delete File After Install Inno Setup Tutorial In Hindi ##VERIFIED##

Delete File After Install Inno Setup Tutorial In Hindi ->->->->

TagDescription-v Verbose mode.The details ofdelivery are displayed on the user’s terminal.-i Ignore tty interrupt signals.This isparticularly useful when using mailon noisy phone lines.-I Forces mail to run in interactive mode even wheninput isn’t a terminal.In particular, the''specialcharacter when sending mail is only active in interactive mode.-n Inhibits reading /etc/mail.rcupon startup.-N Inhibits the initial display of message headerswhen reading mail or editing a mail folder.-s Specify subject on command line(only the first argument after the-s flag is used as a subject; be careful to quote subjectscontaining spaces.)-c Send carbon copies to listof users.-b Send blind carbon copies to list.List should be a comma-separated list of names.-f Read in the contents of your mbox(or the specified file)for processing; when you quit, mailwrites undeleted messages back to this file.-u Is equivalent to: mail -f /var/spool/mail/userSending mailTo send a message to one or more people, mailcan be invoked with arguments which are the names of people towhom the mail will be sent.You are then expected to type inyour message, followedby an'control-D'at the beginning of a line.The section below Replying to or originating mail,describes some features of mailavailable to help you compose your letter.Reading mailIn normal usage mailis given no arguments and checks your mail out of thepost office, thenprints out a one line header of each message found.The current message is initially the first message (numbered 1)and can be printed using the printcommand (which can be abbreviated‘p’).You can move among the messages much as you move between lines ined(1),with the commands‘+’and‘-’moving backwards and forwards, andsimple numbers.Disposing of mail.After examining a message you can delete‘d’)the message or reply‘r’)to it.Deletion causes the mailprogram to forget about the message.This is not irreversible; the message can be undeleted‘u’)by giving its number, or the mailsession can be aborted by giving the exit‘x’)command.Deleted messages will, however, usually disappear never to be seen again.Specifying messagesCommands such as printand deletecan be given a list of message numbers as arguments to applyto a number of messages at once.Thus"delete 1 2"deletes messages 1 and 2, while"delete 1-5"deletes messages 1 through 5.The special name‘*’addresses all messages, and‘$’addressesthe last message; thus the command topwhich prints the first few lines of a message could be used in"top *"to print the first few lines of all messages.Replying to or originating mail.You can use the replycommand toset up a response to a message, sending it back to theperson who it was from.Text you then type in, up to an end-of-file,defines the contents of the message.While you are composing a message, mailtreats lines beginning with the character‘’specially.For instance, typing‘m’(alone on a line) will place a copyof the current message into the response right shifting it by a tabstop(see indentprefixvariable, below).Other escapes will set up subject fields, add and delete recipientsto the message and allow you to escape to an editor to revise themessage or to a shell to run some commands.(These optionsare given in the summary below.)Ending a mail processing session.You can end a mailsession with the quit‘q’)command.Messages which have been examined go to your mboxfile unless they have been deleted in which case they are discarded.Unexamined messages go back to the post office.(See the-f option above).Personal and systemwide distribution lists.It is also possible to create a personal distribution lists so that,for instance, you can send mail to"cohorts"and have it goto a group of people.Such lists can be defined by placing a line like alias cohorts bill ozalp jkf mark kridle@ucbcoryin the file .mailrcin your home directory.The current lis

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