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Cheapest Way To Buy Beef Jerky

Bought this for my husband's birthday and he loved it. The beef jerky is very soft and tender and the beef sticks were awesome too. It didn't have the plasticity of the other type of beef sticks you would buy. The variety is great from Buffalo to venison and elk. Wow...will definitely order again

cheapest way to buy beef jerky


My son loves Jerky, the hotter, the better. I've been trying to find him acceptable jerky locally, but this Jerky is like no other! Soft, tender, flavorful and doesn't spoil without refrigeration! Now HIS son, my grandson, wants to have me order him some for HIS birthday! LOL What have I started? A Jerky tradition!

I have looked everywhere to find good quality beef jerky that does not contain sugar. I know many manufacturers use sugar as a preservative, it absolutely ruins a good piece of beef. (Imagine going to your favorite steakhouse and dumping a spoonful of sugar on your filet mignon....yuck). Thank goodness someone caught on and made a great product. I will subscribe for monthly shipments

So the Carolina Reaper jerky is the best, but I like a bit of variety abs this combo pack saves a few dollars rather than getting them all separate. The jerky is soft and very flavorful. The hot is not very hot but yummy, the habanero is medium hot, ghost pepper is hot, and Reaper is very hot (but still tolerable to enthusiasts). Highly recommended.

At first I ordered a couple bags of jerky to see how my son liked it. He said it was the best he'd had. So for Christmas I ordered quite a bit and a variety of jerky. Well, it's all gone. Decided to try the 1# bag, don't think it will last, he likes to take it to work.

Beef Jerky is what we specialize in, but our service is what keeps us in business. has the widest selection of USA made jerky and jerky gift baskets for every budget and every taste preference. Looking for a unique flavor? We have you covered. Looking for a specific texture like an old fashioned style hard to chew jerky? Yeah...we have that, too. Looking for a unique gift for a guy? We have you covered. We are famous for our huge selection of exotic jerky such as Elk Jerky, Kangaroo Jerky even fish jerky! You aren't going to find that just anywhere! Whether you are looking for jerky for yourself or for jerky gifts, has everything you could ever want.

Fat still equals flavor, so we want a bit in there. But, excess fat will reduce the shelf life of our jerky because it spoils more quickly than the meat. So cuts that we consider to be the best steaks for grilling mainly due to intramuscular fat that adds incredible flavor, are actually some of the worst cuts for making jerky.

Think about the outer fat, too. Dehydrating turns fat on the exterior of your jerky to gristle, and no one wants that. This may require a bit of trimming on your part to remove the excess surface fat.

Choosing the best beef cuts for jerky means forgetting much of what you know about buying beef. Tenderness and heavy marbling are not what we want, and the best options are rarely the most expensive. In fact, you can look at making jerky as part of nose-to-tail consumption, as it uses cuts of beef you might otherwise skip.

One of the most important decisions when making beef jerky is the cut of meat you are going to use. Using the best meat for beef jerky makes all the difference, and here I'll show you what meats are the best!

Below is a list of cuts of meat that work very well for making beef jerky. You can also make beef jerky out of lean ground meat. Try several different cuts and decide for yourself which one is your favorite! Once you do, check out my Beef Jerky Recipes Page to find your favorite jerky marinade!!!

More expensive than the rest but still a great meat for beef jerky. If sliced with the grain, your jerky will be extremely tough. Better to slice against the grain when using this piece of meat when making beef jerky.

If making beef jerky with ground meat, make sure to choose a lean package. Many people like ground meat jerky because it is easier to chew and less harsh on your teeth. The texture is VERY different from whole meat jerky though, so keep that in mind.

Deer meat is GREAT for making jerky! Venison jerky is some of my favorite. It tends to be very lean meat and very tender. If you harvest your venison yourself during hunting season, it is also about as organic as you can get!

Great prices! I found that locally the price of USDA Choice Beef Eye of Round Roast (one of the best cuts for jerky) at Sam's was $4.68. This is compared to $6.99 a pound at the local grocery store, that's a 33% savings!

My tip for beginners...Some meat departments will have "stir-fry" labeled packages of beef, in long strips. It's usually really lean and evenly sliced. It helps skip a few steps! Look for one with nice deep red color and little to no marbling.

This was so informative. I have never made jerky, but we raise our own pork for the boys for 4-H and usually put a pig in our freezer every year. I will have to try making some jerky. Plus my Dad (an avid hunter) gives us venison. I loved learning more about all of the different cuts of meat.

I have never made moose jerky, but I would imagine that the beef and deer jerky recipes would work well with it. I wish I had a little more expertise with moose, I just have never had the opportunity to hunt moose. Let me know how it turns out!

Hey Will...Thanks for all the tips and instructions. I have your book, read what you write online, have purchased the dehydrator and jerkey slicer you use and am having a blast makiing really tasty beef jerkey. I have made most of the recipes in your book. My favorite is "Rig Hand"...I live in the higher elevations in Western Colorado and will probably spend the colder days inside making more jerkey.

Just when I thought there wasn't much t add t the conversation, I come across a cut called top blade roast on sale at the market. Supposedly, it is the 2nd most tender cut of beef and comes from the chuck. I guess it is cheap because it has a thick tendon running through the middle of it. The tendon is easily sliced out, whats left is then called flatiron steak, and that is expensive.

Hello, I just started making jerky. I did a rib eye but cutnit to thin. My Air Fryer says 160 for 6hrs. Next time ill reduce the cooking time to 4hrs. What is the thickest i can slice the meat? Also I would like to try chicken or turkey jerkey. What is a good marinade? Is there any difference in temp or cooking time?

I wouldn't go any thicker than about 1/4" when making jerky. If you are making chicken or turkey jerky, make sure you pre-heat to 165F internal temperature before drying. I do have a couple recipes towards the bottom on my Recipe Page. Cooking time depends on so many things. If you pre-heat the meat, start checking it at about 3 hours of drying.

Hey Diane! If I was only using salt and pepper, I would use about 2tsp of salt per 1 pound. Start with that and adjust as necessary. Curing salt really needs to be dissolved in a little bit of water. I would put the 1/4 tsp of curing salt in 1tbsp or so of water for it to dissolve, and then rub it on the jerky slices. There is no marinating required if just using salt and pepper, even curing salt.

Hey there- new at making jerky, my bride bought me the Masterbuilt Pro Series smoker for Christmas, and have had great success so far with commercially made cure/seasonings (Hi-Mountain) and flank steak. Looking to expand my horizons, would love to know if you have a home-made cure/seasoning recipe...also looking forward to trying pork tenderloin, a favorite cut of meat of mine. Am a lifelong hunter/angler, retired in 2007 after 29 years as a Michigan conservation officer, worked from 2009 through 2017 seasonally (late July through early October) in a fly-in bush camp in western Alaska as camp cook and host (FIshing Bear Lodge). Raise and train Labradors for upland, waterfowl own,, not for other folks...and am breaking in a new pup as I write this. Have the good fortune of having our son, my go-to huntin' and fishin' partner , living 5 miles away, who also is a master gardener and we get to reap the benefits of that in the fall after I return from AK. We live in the woods near Frankfort, MI, in the NW lower peninsula. Keep up the good work.

I'm making jerky on my own for the first time. My ex always made it and now I'm out of luck. I'd prefer venison but will settle for beef. However, I'm surprised by the method of using the oven or a dehydrator. I've only ever seen jerky hung out to dry by a string on a porch or clothes line..... is that just a thing we do here in the TX Hill Country?

I'm a fan of duck, but wild duck tastes A LOT different from farm raised duck. I would assume goose would be the same. I love making jerky out of deer and have yet to harvest an Elk or Pronghorn. Bear and pheasant sounds interesting!

I am going to add Prague Powder #1 to my next batch of beef jerky. Never used it before but since I'm going use the home made jerky as Christmas gifts this year, I thought it might be best. Someplace I thought I read that you should not use Prague Powder with sugar, but now I can't seem to find where I read that or if I just imagined it. The marinade I use is a basic worchester, soy, honey (the sugar) and spices. Any thoughts on this?Thanks in advance.

It's always a smart choice to use curing salt, especially if you are sharing with loved ones. I have never heard of NOT being able to use curing salt with sugar, I've never had a problem. The recipe sounds good, those are some very common ingredients for jerky. Just make the marinade taste great and the jerky will turn out great! I have some recipes on the site you can check out too.

Was wondering about using a better cut of meat to make jerky such as sirloin tip or top sirloin, what is your thought on this? I know cost sometimes is a factor but was going to try smaller batches so the cost is not that big of a deal.

They should work pretty well for jerky. Just make sure to slice off as much fat as possible. They will be more expensive, but not a big deal if you are only making small batches like you said; Go for it! 041b061a72


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