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Should I Buy A Nintendo Switch

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You can read our in-depth hardware review for the Nintendo Switch OLED model which should help you decide if the upgrade is worth your hard earned dough or not, but in this guide we offer several scenarios and our advice to help you decide whether to buy the new Switch or stick with the one you've got.

Personally, as much as the Switch Lite is a smart little device, we love having the option to dock the Switch to a TV; it's the console's central gimmick and part of the reason for its success. The bigger brighter screen of the Switch OLED model looks cracking in handheld mode, so if you're after the best (if not the most portable) handheld experience, you should check out the new console.

Short answer: Why are you even reading this guide if money's no problem Yes, of course you should be the latest and greatest version of the Switch! Off to the Switch OLED purchase page with you.

Couple this with the inevitable lower pixel density of the larger OLED screen (potentially significant due to the comparatively low resolution), and some people might prefer to hold on to their original switches.

If I get fed up with how poorly my current switch is holding up i may jump on this. Love the look of it, though basically all the features are rendered absolutely useless since I play basically 100% docked. Maybe if they sold just the tablet part on its own I would be more tempted to pick it up, since its really that part that is slowly breaking down on me (broken cart slot, broken shell, general noise and heat, etc.). Don't really need another set of joy con (already have 3, and thats only because my base set are broken and I needed two sets for mario party), and the dock is basically the exact same since I got an ethernet adapter a while ago. If not, then I'll probably be stuck with my deteriorating console until the successor/pro/whatever, whenever they decide to do that.

Thank you for this helpful guide. Initially I thought, no, i don't need this. But i find myself using portable mode more, and i am an older gamer and i bought my switch at launch. Add those together with my love for Nintendo equals starting to save money for this.

Which Switch is right for me The one I already have; I can't afford another one. I'm glad I'm not missing out on a new Metroid/Zelda/Mario game that's only available on an upgraded model. I still think this should have been the version that launched, though.

@gaga64 Yeah, this is the only situation where I would think handheld is really the primary use case over the last year or so. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, it just seems odd to me that they wanna push a new version of the switch that is an upgrade almost entirely for the handheld demographic when the world is still up in flames, thus leading me to think that not a huge proportion of people would get that much use out of the new model's features. Perhaps its something the nintendolife staff could poll in a later article (wink wink).

I really want to see it for myself before I buy, because it's really hard to demonstrate screen quality differences over another screen. But from what I know of OLED screens, it should be a nice upgrade. The audio upgrade should be nice too, the Switch's speakers always felt pretty lackluster to me. Low max volume and only slightly, if at all, better than 3DS. But if this thing still doesn't support Bluetooth audio - and they didn't mention that - that's a frustrating annoyance. The tech is there. People have taken OG Switches apart and stated that it's only software that's not allowing that function.

Even if I were only playing in handheld mode I would only buy the new model if my old one would be broken. I never ever had any problems in handheld mode or thought that the display should have proper black. I always and still find the display sharp as hell. But that's only me.

its really tempting, because it just looks so nice. no doubt it will be the best version of the switch. that said, i cannot justify buying a brand


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