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Drivers 690LC For Windows 10 64-bit [BETTER]

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Drivers 690LC For Windows 10 64-bit [BETTER]

RealHack 3.5 has a feature to check your current plugins and load a preset of them. AutoCAD 2013 is configured to use the FireAction by Chris Panetta. This preset includes some important features that we can use to compare the effectiveness of several cards. First, it defines several "hot spots" at a specific location in the model. In our benchmark, we selected the front of the object in several instances.

Even with the hot spots we selected, we still see a large variance between the video cards' performances. While these numbers are small, they do help us understand the impact the video cards have on overall system performance. The first comparison we conducted was with a single object. The results are as follows:

In this first comparison, using the number of pages drawn per hour, we see that the SLI 670s draw the most. It overall draws more pages while running AutoCAD, resulting in a higher overall performance than the other two cards.

Looking at drawing rate (pages per second), we can see that the 690 series draws the least with a slight gain from the 670s to the 680s. We also see this slight gain when looking at the FPS (frames per second). For this reason, you want to use the highest end card for 3D work that you can afford.

For real 3D work, we run a test similar to the one above. Instead of measuring pages/hour, you measure volume of 3D work done. This is measured in m3 (1 m3 = 1000 mm3). At this point you start to see some features of the cards you are testing.

In this three table comparison, the numbers are in m3. First we can see that the 670s draw the most 3D work followed by the 690s. Next we can see that the 680s draw the least 3D work of the four. d2c66b5586


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