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Buy Powerful Laser

functionality, design, and features? is dedicated to providing a wide variety of high-standard lasers for every type of application. The available laser pointers vary on different aspects including beam color, output power, and design style.

buy powerful laser

Application Depending on the situation, different laser pointers will work better than others. When you need to point out constellations, buy a powerful laser pointer that can clearly point toward the spot in the sky. If your application requires a particular range or extended distance, make sure to contact us to help identify the best laser for your application. We can assist in choosing a laser that meets your application requirements distance, visibility, output power, and beam intensity at any desired target.

Burning abilityThe most important factor that determines the burning ability of a laser pointer is its output power. The color of the laser beam matters less. A laser pointer requires a minimum of 200mW output power to generate enough intensity to burn things such as matches, firecrackers, balloons, cigarettes and more. When buying your laser pointer, keep in mind that the higher the power, the more easily and faster the laser pointer can burn things.

For the best selection of green laser pointers and High Power Green Lasers to buy right here at For more information, feel free to contact our friendly representatives at 877-256-6513

We've all seen different types of lasers in Hollywood TV and films. Whether attached to a weapon in an action movie, a threat from a supervillain in a comic book movie, or different science fiction scenario, there is a common theme. Lasers are a powerful technology...

If you're looking to buy a laser pointer, you probably have some questions. There are a lot of different output powers, beam colors, design options, safety features, and prices to consider. Choosing a suitable laser can be daunting if you're unfamiliar with handheld...

High power laser diodes (>10 Watts) are available at wavelengths from the near infrared through roughly the 2000nm region. The most common devices are in the range of 808nm through 980nm. Common uses of high power laser diodes include the pumping of the gain medium in solid state lasers, fiber laser pumping and seeding, materials processing, medical and security sensing applications. They offer good electrical to optical efficiency of approximately 50%. Packaging styles vary widely from fiber coupled modules to copper bar mounts. This short article is intended to help researchers and engineers who are new to high power laser diodes understand some of the basic terminology as well as the most common packaging types and technologies. There is a list which gives some general pricing information so that you have an understanding of what a particular type of laser might cost as well as a list of all of the high power laser manufacturers.

Common uses of high power laser diodes include the pumping of the gain medium in solid state lasers, fiber laser pumping and seeding, materials processing, medical and security sensing applications. Here is a guide to the wavelengths that are most commonly used in each of these applications:

  • (DPSS) SOLID STATE LASER PUMPS:A diode pumped solid state laser, DPSS laser, uses a high power laser diode to optically pump a laser gain medium. The gain medium is typically a crystal. The crystal is synthetically produced because of the required purity of the material and doping requirements. Common crystals include ND:YAG (and TI:Sapphire being most common ones. 808 nm

  • 878.6 nm

  • 940 nm

  • 969 nm

  • FIBER LASER PUMPS:Fiber lasers utilize a high power laser in the 910nm to 980nm range to excite ions in rare earth elements such as ytterbium or erbium which have been doped into fiber. The doped fiber then generates photons at longer wavelengths (in the infrared) propagating through the fiber itself.976 nm

  • 915 nm

  • MEDICAL LASERS AND DIRECT DIODE MATERIALS PROCESSING SOURCES:Aesthetic and medical lasers are most often based on either a direct diode device or a DPSS laser device. Some of the common direct diode wavelengths include:793 nm

  • 795 nm

  • 1064 nm

  • 1470 nm

  • 1940 nm

Please note that unlike most low power laser diodes, prices for comparable high power devices will vary a lot (sometimes by a factor of 2 or more) by manufacturer. This is why the range of prices shown below is large.

DM Series Nd:YLF and Nd:YAG green multimode nanosecond lasers combine remarkably high pulse energies (up to 100 mJ) or high average powers (up to 200 W) with a simple, rugged, and efficient form factor, all from one fully independent laser resonator. Dual head configurations can go up to 400 W average power output.

Beyond serving the multitude of applications for which Ti:sapphire lasers have become ubiquitous, RAEA is especially designed as an unparalleled source for producing short-wavelength light via high harmonic generation. The strength of RAEA for this purpose is realized in its contribution as one of the critical components in the Pantheon EUV/soft X-ray source. With pantented Permacool technology, the RAEA enables repetition rate flexibility (up to 200 kHz) for applications that benefit from high average power.

Lumibird manufactures a wide range of high power lasers thanks to its expertise in three key technologies: pulsed solid-state lasers (nanosecond range), CW and pulsed fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers, and laser diodes. Various application areas are addressed, in industry (manufacturing, lidar sensors), science (laboratories and universities), medical (ophthalmology) and defense.

Ultrafast laser systems from AMPHOS are suitable for applications in laser material processing as well as for scientific investigations in extreme parameter regions. The high performance, such as up to 1 kW average output power with high beam quality from the Amphos5000, bring various benefits in different application areas.

At wavelengths between 3.9 and 9.7 μm, Alpes Lasers offers multiple high power Fabry-Pérot lasers up to 1.5 W. These Quantum Cascade Lasers have a minimum average power of 1 W and more than 9 W of peak power. Available in a collimated HHL package with a dedicated driver, these lasers can be used for free-space optical communications, energy deposition, illumination and IR countermeasures.

CNI high power lasers include both DPSS lasers and diode lasers. They are widely used in medical, scientific research, material processing and industrial applications. Available wavelengths are include 532 nm, 556 nm, 589 nm, 660 nm, 808 nm, 880 nm, 980 nm, 1064 nm, 1319 nm and others. The average output power of 532-nm green lasers can be up to 200 W, and the 1064-nm infrared lasers deliver up to 500 W.

Good day. I would love to thank wicked lasers for their amazing products. I own a laser cube for a few days and I must say that I am excited in one word. It is necessary to realize what a breakthrough wicked laser has for future development and for people. It never occurred to me that everything would shrink over time and be available to ordinary people. Thank you very much for such innovations and I know that I will have a lot of fun with the laser. It is necessary to keep in mind that the use of lasers mainly requires thinking and always paying attention to safety. When this is followed, I believe that many people will fulfill their dreams. Thank you very much for me and I am very happy that the people in wicked lasers are so innovative. I wish you a lot of success in the future, your loyal fan. 041b061a72


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