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hobodave: otherwise, run it kikito: what packages did you install manually? i'm not so good in irc reisio: I'm not running it in a x session. the problem I'm having is in the pidgin daemon hobodave: ohh i don't know that was the last thing i installed manually hobodave: what's the problem? it was something for media streaming maybe but i can't remember kikito: :p kikito: likely something similar to what I have installed hmmm ok i'll try this, thank you :) i'm not so good to find out that myself too much time now i've got a lot of things to do ^^ kikito: maybe I didn't paste all the relevant parts of my logs yeah i know that's why i told you the last thing i installed i mean i installed that automatically you might not have output in syslog for that matter you might not have output in dmesg i've changed the radeon driver to the open source one i don't have any output in dmesg radeon is an open source driver radeon only supports the open source driver even in the radeon driver it worked with radeon in the past and it worked with the open source one that's why i changed it to make sure but no it doesn't and i didn't do anything




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