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Claudene's Sanctuary

Welcome to Claudene's little oasis for self-healing through nature, love, and the gift of giving!



Yurt living

Here we are building our yurt Village, getting ready for next year. If you have any qualifications or want to learn how to build, we are on our way to create a new generation of healing and creating within the community.



Project Free Water

Water should and always be free and we are ready to share our knowledge in new age technology, mixed with old school. Bridging the Two and putting Source back in. WaterGen



Project Free Energy

There is so much energy out there and we are set to free the mindset that we cant save Mother Gaia by introducing new practices, such as recycling our food waste and the own waste we create on a daily basis. One avenue we are using is Israel's HomeBioGas as you can learn more here.


Project Jungle Oasis

Can You imagine an Oasis in the middle of the Desert, Well one of our dreams is to have natural healing water made and created by the plants as we use the water gen to produce and help jump-start our Celebrating water journey! 

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