Elevated by Claudene

Our Services

Explore our one-of-a-kind healing services here at Elevated by Claudene by our absolutely incredible team. We have all come together for the growth and development of our community and can't wait to begin working with you to see wellness, health, support, and joy flourish in your life and in the lives of those around you.



Our talented Ancient Astrologer Ponja will breathe fresh insights into your life using your birth chart to create an incredible path of knowledge and wisdom by interpreting what has been written for you directly from Source in the stars.

Breath & Meditation

Our talented breath coach and yoga instructor Josh will help you on your path to wellness by providing incredible, and for thousands of years, secret breath techniques and "technology" to transform your daily life into one of health, vibrancy and balance.


Consultations/ Coaching

Powerful One-on-One consultation support from Owner and Plant Medicine Specialist Claudene or from Yogi Josh to discover ways to bring natural healing into your life and begin your journey towards transitioning onto plant-based medicines.