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[S5E9] In The Midnight Hour


[S5E9] In The Midnight Hour

Mark tells Ivy her dad will be in surgery for at least another hour, so she can take a nap. She's drinking coffee as she likes the taste. Mark tells her he was raised by parents who weren't interested in having kids. They weren't around much and he'd turn on all the TVs and every light in the house before he went to bed, and he still couldn't sleep. It's hard to sleep when you don't feel safe in your own house. Ivy understands the feeling. Mark takes the coffee from her and orders to sleep. He'll be there for her. She rests her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes.

Upstairs, Alex tells Izzie he's going to get some sleep as he has to be back at the hospital in 6 hours. Izzie tells Alex she's a mess. She's sorry. He deserves better. He stops her. If she doesn't want to be with him, it's okay, but she'll have to break up with him. He can handle the mess, so he's not going anywhere. He asks if she's coming to bed with him. Before walking into his room, she turns to Denny, who's standing in the doorway of her room, and tells him she's sorry. He says it's okay. He'll be right there. She closes the door.

Viewers in the UK will not have to wait much longer when the show returns in the US. The new episodes will air on Mondays on Paramount Plus from midnight GMT, as this is when new content is usually uploaded. In order to watch Yellowstone season 5, you will need a Paramount Plus subscription, which costs 6.99 per month.

Rick and Morty has shared the first few minutes of its one-hour finale for Season 5 of the series! Following the debut of the eighth episode of the season last month, the series will finally be returning fort the final two episodes of the fifth season later this weekend. These will premiere as part of a special one-hour block for the series on Sunday, and will consist of the final two episodes of the season, "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" and "Rickmurai Jack." Naturally, it's a huge occasion for Adult Swim as they have already been celebrating in some huge ways.

In a bizarre twist directly responsible for cracking the murder cases, shortly before midnight on Jan. 16, 1983, James J. Koedatich phoned police from his home and reported he had been the victim of a stabbing by an unknown perpetrator. According to Koedatich, a man with a flashing blue light on his vehicle pulled him over just outside of Morristown, got out of his car and then attacked him with a sharp object, leaving a puncture wound.

The next afternoon, Choi and the orphans arrive at the 4077th and the Christmas party gets under way in the Mess Tent. Hawkeye and B.J. are barely out of the Swamp when Margaret summons them to a sergeant who just arrived in camp with a wounded soldier shot in the head by a sniper. When they get him to Pre-Op, Hawkeye and B.J. discover that his wound is too severe and are about to give up, but when Margaret finds a picture of the soldier's wife and family in his personal effects, B.J. becomes determined to keep him alive long enough so that "his kids won't have to think of Christmas as the day their daddy died"; but the task he has set for himself is a difficult one as midnight is hours away. They find out the wounded soldier's name is Denny Flannigan, that he and his wife Lynn are from Pennsylvania, he lettered in basketball in high school, and he has two children named Scott and Jeannie.

In Pre-Op, Hawkeye, Margaret and B.J. are still struggling to keep Flannigan alive until midnight, but his condition is deteriorating too fast. When Margaret loses the pulse, Mulcahy is about to administer Last Rites, but B.J. shoos him away saying, "You're not gonna pull a shroud over him", at which point Mulcahy gently but firmly reminds B.J. of the importance of his own sacred duty. Coming to his senses, B.J. apologizes. The night wears on, and with only 35 minutes left before midnight, Flannigan has no fight left in him and passes away; B.J. wants to keep trying, but Hawkeye refuses and gently tells


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