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[S1E2] Morticia And The Psychiatrist

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At their wits' end, they decide to seek consultation from a psychiatrist named Doctor Harold Black. Morticia has a good vibe about him since his last name is Black. They tell the doctor that their son is dressing in outlandish attire and keeping strange pets. Not understanding the true nature of what is happening, Doctor Black suggests that it is just a phase and they should cater to Pugsley's behavior until it runs its course.

Pugsley takes a liking to puppies and baseball, and even joins the Boy Scouts! He won't even play Trainwreck with his father, and begins ignoring his pet octopus, Aristotle. Horrified and at their wits' end, Morticia and Gomez summon a psychiatrist to deal with the situation. Dr. Harold Black advises them to oblige his new interests.[1]

Gomez and Morticia call in child psychiatrist Dr. Black (George O. Petrie) when Pugsley starts displaying normal childhood behavior and interests. Much to their horror and shame, Pugsley shows a sudden keen interest in joining the Boy Scouts and raising a puppy. Dr. Black recommends indulging the boy's new directions for a while, strange as they might seem. But, things don't get better and Morticia calls Dr. Black and tells him he must come over. When the Doctor sees the decor of the Addams house, he believes that is where the problem lies. After a talk with Pugsley, Dr. Black believes the boy has gotten his aggressions out, but in reality, Pugsley is back to his normal self.

Guest stars: French psychiatrist François Chalon, the author of the article (played by Lee Bergere), poses as a friend of Fester's in an attempt to create conflict. Character actor Jan Arvan plays the leader of Gomez's "zen yogi [sic]" society, Drashi Dumo.

Uncle Fester decides to propose to a bearded lady named Diana. Morticia dresses up as Diana's bearded mother to force him into facing how financially ill-prepared he is for the responsibilities of marriage. The trick works, and Fester becomes determined to succeed. He takes a course in becoming a wheeler-dealer and undergoes a personality change. Flushed with confidence, Fester blusters his way into a company headed by Thaddeus Logan. Morticia and Gomez think all Fester's recent business talk is entirely in his head. They call for a psychiatrist who'll be arriving under an assumed identity. When Mr. Logan drops by beforehand, they mistake him for the psychiatrist, leaving poor Mr. Logan to believe Fester is having him on. After meeting Thing, a startled Mr. Logan runs out of the house. The real psychiatrist shows up and thinking he was sent by Logan, Morticia and Gomez thank him for coming out. They tell him Fester is cured and they won't need him.

Laurel applied to enroll as a teacher at Nevermore, attempting to become the first "Normie" teacher. She was accepted and became a teacher of Botany and Herbology. While there, she began to scheme about destroying the school from the inside. She stole a necromancy book from the secret Nightshades library in the school, where she learned how to reanimate the dead. The action of reanimation required multiple body parts, so she used a plant chemical to brainwash a hidden Hyde named Tyler Galpin to do her bidding in Hyde form, while also using the traumatizing revelation that his deceased mother was a monstrous Hyde to unlock his Hyde form. She kept him locked up in a cave and tortured him with repeated dosages of plant-derived cocktails until he willingly became her servant. She commanded him to kill multiple people and bring back various body parts. She also attempted to grow close to Wednesday Addams, Goody's descendant and Gomez's daughter, who had enrolled at Nevermore that year after being expelled from her previous school for her acts of vengeance. Wednesday witnessed Tyler, in Hyde form, kill her fellow student Rowan, and began investigating the monster killings. Eventually, Wednesday's leads help the mayor of Jericho attempt to reveal vital information about the monster killings to her and th


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