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Carbon - Dance Till Dawn


Alex: And the thing about that microscopic dance party is that, for a lot of very very complicated reasons, it tends to take the carbon that is in the atmosphere, and over time accumulate that carbon in the soil.

Our programs prepare professional actors, designers, writers, producers, directors, technicians, performers, choreographers, as well as, teachers for the public schools. Students work closely with professional artist-educators who have earned national and international recognition. Our faculty have performed on Broadway, starred in television shows, danced in professional companies, worked at Tony-Award winning regional theatres, choreographed for dance productions and musicals, had designs displayed internationally, published books and articles, and had their plays produced in New York and abroad. We are large enough to provide access to a full complement of highly qualified specialists, while still small enough to offer personal attention to our students. Specializations include acting, technical production, performance and production, performance and choreography, musical theatre, film production, and teacher certification. Our graduates work as teachers, dancers, actors, choreographers, designers, writers, producers, directors, and technicians throughout the industry.

Frankly, there are still ongoing debates as to what these terms exactly mean. The Government, which wants all new homes to be carbon neutral by 2016, is considering whether a home is carbon neutral if the renewable energy is produced elsewhere. A Cardiff developer might claim her new development in Cardiff was carbon neutral, despite it having gas boilers, because she had built a dedicated wind turbine in Pembrokeshire, which produced an equivalent amount of green electricity to the gas burnt by the development. 59ce067264


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