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Stuff To Buy In Thailand [PORTABLE]

To carry around your day to day stuff, pick up a small and durable bag like this one. I have brought this to Thailand before, and it is the perfect size to carry all of your belongings while exploring the country. It also works great as a carry on. Double whammy!

stuff to buy in thailand

I have reserved this section for all of those little things you might overlook while getting your stuff together and getting your itinerary figured out. Make sure you have these things good to go before you head to the airport!

Traveling with a backpack comes in handy when you decide to check out accommodation on the spot instead of booking online. For longer hikes you will never bring all your stuff, only a day pack. Your big bag can be stored at your hostel/hotel for free.

No need to say that the this is a travel essential for Thailand. In a hot and humid climate you gonna love your mosquito repellent. Make sure to bring good stuff with a high DEET percentage (the higher the percentage of DEET the longer the protection). Mosquitos are mostly only active around sunset, so if I have the chance I mostly just cover up completely for those hours. Long sleeves, long pants is the best mosquito repellent!

Gather all the items on your Thailand packing list a few days before your actual trip. I made the mistake of last minute packing multiple times and apart from forgetting stuff it simply is very stressful.

Generally, the weed quality is pretty good, though it does vary widely. If you buy the lowest-grade stuff, be prepared for a bag of brown shake with little to no oomph. But the highest-grade stuff is solid.

For instance, last year Seiko created a 1,000-piece limited edition called the "Seiko Prospex Monster KMITL Go Beyond the Limit." The watch was created to raise funds for King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, the institution backing the building of the King Mongkut's Chaokhun Thahan Hospital, the first medical research innovation hospital in Thailand. You're not going to find a Seiko-sponsored fashion show anywhere else, nor a limited edition watch that focuses on a specific festival like Phi Ta Khon, where locals invoke the help and protection of Phra Upakut, the spirit of the river. This stuff only happens in Thailand. So we thought it was the perfect launching pad for this new series. 041b061a72


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